Forget ice-cream vans, try life with flying lawnmowers

GOOD news for Mr Flaked Out (‘The Plague Of Noise That Is The Evening Ice-Cream Van’, last week’s Have Your Say). It looks like summer is almost over, the nights are drawing in and the ice-cream van will not cause such a nuisance.

He clearly doesn’t live to the north of Hucknall. We have the problem of flying lawnmowers (microlights). Not only are the noise levels a nuisance, pilots fly low over our gardens — perhaps so that we can admire their machines — which I consider to be very intrusive.

When I get home from work on a hot day, it is so nice to sit out with a cuppa or a gin and tonic to relax and then peace is shattered, also privacy. At least the ice-cream man isn’t watching you in your garden.

We are used to summer noise, such as loud music, barking dogs and compulsive D.I.Y enthusiasts, but have to tolerate it as there is nothing we can do about it. We have a night worker in the house and she has had to sleep in sweltering heat because the window can’t be left open.

Most people are considerate and try not to upset neighbours with their activities. I would like to get a response from microlight pilots justifying their boorish behaviour.



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