Free car-parking deserves a six- month trial run

AS a retired Hucknall businessman (safety signs and services), may I thank Chris Thorne and Coun Mick Murphy (Con) for getting the free car-parking petitions under way.

I, and obviously 6,500 others (4,000 signatures from Chris and 2,500 from Coun Murphy) agree that we should scrap car-parking charges in Hucknall and give the town a lending hand to recovery.

If the council can’t listen to so many people, then what will it take?

Coun Murphy is absolutely correct in suggesting that the council should at least give free parking a six-month trial. What has it got to lose? It would save what it might lose by not employing parking wardens.

I am just reading a leaflet being distributed on behalf of the Nottinghamshire Conservatives, which clearly says that “Notts County Council has received the go-ahead for a major improvement scheme for Hucknall town centre”.

Let Ashfield District Council help this by removing the car-parking fees or, at the very least, give it a good trial-run.

If Chris Thorne or Coun Murphy want a hand collecting signatures, then count me in.

I did send an e-mail to Ashfield Council when this increase was announced. I said how it might be thought of by many as silly and would be seen as very unpopular. The reply was we note your comments, or words to that effect.

Please note, council, I have not used a council car park since the increase, and simply because of it. Nor will I do so until it is removed. This means I do not go to local shops that I want to go to.

How many more people have taken the same attitude? I used to visit fairly regularly. Say 300 days of the year. which equates to an increase of £60.

Asking the people of Hucknall how to save money might yield some good ideas.


Birchdale Avenue,