Free up wardens to tackle illegal on-street parking

I, LIKE Steve Meese in last week’s Dispatch (‘Stop Paying For Wardens And Make Car-Parking Free In Hucknall), was at first confused about the water charges at Hucknall car parks.

But the water Ashfield District Council is charged for by Severn Trent is not tap water but rain water (I presume), which goes into the sewer system and has to be treated.

If you can stop rain water from your property going into the sewer system and prove it to Severn Trent, say by creating a soakaway, then you can save on your water bill. I know because I have.

As for the CCTV, the police are not responsible for the security of car parks, including Piggins Croft off Yorke Street.

Like your home, it is up to you to pay for security, just as councils pay for car parks.

It is, however, up to them and you if you install CCTV or not. But, would you sooner it be there or not? It is another debatable point as to whether it is cost affective or not.

As for getting rid of the traffic wardens, I fear they are necessary in this car age, even though I am a car owner.

Ask the people who live on permit-only streets. There are a lot of drivers who have no concern for anyone else and think they can park anywhere they like, for as long as they like.

Having said that, if parking were free the traffic wardens would not need to patrol the car parks and could do a better job on the streets.


Watnall Road,



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