Fuel station that won’t take real money

DEAR Tesco, thanks for messing me around at your fuel station on Station Road, Hucknall on Thursday morning last week.

I travelled out of my way to go to the station to fill up for a journey down to Kent at 5 am. I pulled up at a vacant pump (no cones around it).

I was then told by a not-very-helpful kiosk-attendant that I had to use the 24-hour pumps at the other side of the forecourt.

OK, so I moved to the 24-hour pump, opened my fuel cap and took the nozzle out to fill up. But then I was told I had to pay by card.

Is coin of the realm no good at Tesco’s at night then? Real money, folding stuff, is accepted by practically all retail outlets in the UK but not at Tesco’s 24-hour petrol stations.

Obviously Tesco wants to discriminate against people who do not have a debit or credit card. And I thought discrimination had been outlawed.


Lancaster Road,