Give someone other than Byron some recognition

REGARDING the letter from Ken Purslow, ‘Hucknall Should Be Proud Of Byron,’ in a recent edition of the Dispatch.

We four proud people of Hucknall, Martin Gill, Byron Blister, Mary Butler and myself (and there must be many more), have made no reference to not being proud or otherwise about the 6th, Baron Byron of Rochdale (Lord Byron). We just believe that the new business centre could be named after someone else for a change!

Lord Byron has a street, cinema/bingo club, medical practice, housing, numerous businesses, etc, named after him. It is time for a change.

Mr Purslow does not say where he lives but gives an address in Southwell.

But I have lived in Hucknall for 68 years and can assure him that I am very observant.

Even though I was not taught about Lord Byron at Beardall Street School, he should not assume that I do not know about Lord Byron and his family.

He may well have made a famous speech in the House of Lords, he may have been a brilliant writer and poet (not to my taste, but each to their own) and is still famous throughout the world. But he left England in 1816 at the age of 28 because of allegations of sodomy and incest, which were criminal offences that could result in hanging. So one can only assume he did a Lord Lucan, not even returning for his own daughter’s funeral.

I rest my case.

I would like to thank Martin Gill for starting this debate and Byron Blister and Mary Butler for their input and support.


Watnall Road,