Give us your backing to boost Byron Festival

HERE is my reply (in poem form) to the correspondent, Disenchanted Of Hucknall, in last week’s ‘Have Your Say’ section (‘Should Byron Festival Take a Break’):

Dear Disenchanted of Hucknall, You’ve had your say.

Which is a good one in its way —

Purges the eyes and moves the bowels,

And drenches handkerchiefs like towels

With tears, that, in a flux of grief

Afford hysterical relief

To shattered nerves and quicken’d pulses,

Which your nameless script convulses.

With apologies to George Gordon (Lord Byron). Our next festival meeting is next Monday July 23 at the John Godber Centre on Ogle Street, Hucknall. You are very welcome to join us.


Chairman of Byron

Festival organising