Government should have the bottle to stop big bonuses

DOESN’T it make you wonder why we get involved in conflicts and issues affecting other countries when here at home, we have an unelected House Of Lords voting on issues and laws being put forward by an unelected government?

And to boot, the government says it will ignore and push through their legislation, irrespective of what these lords say.

It seems as though this Con-Dem shower apply rules as it suits them. They are powerless to stop the RBS boss from taking his bonus because he was installed by the previous government. Of course he was — because they were in office at the time and any bonuses were to be decided with some government influence. Well, now the Tories/Lib Dems are in office, they should have the bottle to stop it or reduce it.

They don’t have any problems when it comes to stopping or reducing the money to the people who are the victims of their ideologies.

It was interesting watching the Industry Secretary Vince Cable outlining his plans for the rich to pay more. The House Of Commons chamber was empty. The few MPs who were there were heckling him. The rest had gone to see their accountants to remain one step ahead.

But I gasp in horror when the Labour Party challenge the government. They don’t agree with what is being proposed but they will be voting for it.

Being in opposition isn’t about sitting on the opposite side. The object is if you don’t like it, don’t vote for it.

Does it apply in history as well that what goes around comes around? If it does, then the Tories’ pitch is to take from the poor and give to the rich. And if that is the case, then Labour’s challenge should be easy, shouldn’t it?


Kenbrook Road,