Government should represent all in society

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THE main point I was trying to make in my Letter last week (‘Democracy Is Not Working’) is that we haven’t actually got a democracy (by definition) at all in this country. We haven’t got ‘power of the people’ or ‘government by the people’, which are both in my dictionary.

Once the electorate have voted every four to five years, then we just have basically the same scenario, regardless of which political party wins. We have government by the mainly wealthy elite minority for the wealthy elite minority. To an increasingly unacceptable extent.

During the last 30 years, the gap between the top 10% & the lowest paid/poorest 50% has been consistently widening — and especially so for the 20-to-25% of the population who live on or below the official recognised poverty-line.

Until there is fair representation (in government) of people who live in the poorest groups of society, how can our type of government be classed as a democracy? It isn’t. The wealthy elite do not represent the poorer adequately, never have and never will. Until things are changed, the lack of equality will just increase.

We should have a cross-section of people in government who represent ALL the people in our society. That would be a true and proper democracy. Not just in name only, as it is now and always has been.


George Street, Hucknall.