Happy days with Hopalong Cassidy

NOSTALGIA raised a lump in my throat the other day as I saw the last wall of the old Scala Cinema on Annesley Road in Hucknall crash to the ground under the tracks of a giant bulldozer.

I remembered, so vividly, what a great part this old building had played in my childhood years.

My mind flashed back to those poverty-stricken, albeit happy, years of the 1930s when my hard-earned twopence spending-money, clutched in an excited, sweaty little hand, was handed over at the Scala's Saturday 'Twopenny Rush' film show.

My chums and I cheered the heroes and booed the villains in the exciting cowboy-and-Indian pictures. And I remember when Hopalong Cassidy was quicker on the draw than the villains and his old sidekick, Gabby Hayes, who could drown beetles from his baccy-chewing jaws.

Tom Mix was another boyhood cowboy hero who, no doubt, taught us kids right from wrong with his clean living and honest roles. It was a time when good always defeated evil and was an object lesson for us all to follow.

I hope there are still some other Dispatch readers who remember those happy childhood days, which I shall always remember with affection. I felt I had to make some comment over the Scala's passing.


Greenwood Avenue,