Happy memories of landmark pub facing the bulldozers

I WAS sad to read in the Dispatch that there are plans to demolish the Swinger pub in Bulwell.

I had hoped that when Leivers and Millership took it on it would be saved from demolition.

I lived on Longford Crescent and the pub was at the bottom of our street.

I remember my grandmother, Phyllis Pearl, sitting in the small room called the snug drinking her glass of beer and talking to her friends.

My aunt worked there as a barmaid.

When my parents could afford it they took me and my sister there and we sat outside with a packet of crisps and a bottle of pop.

They were such happy days growing up on the estate.

I know that we have to make way for progress, but it’s still sad to see the old buildings being demolished.


Field Close,

West Bridgford,