Have a heart and let couple stay in home

AFTER reading the letter in last week’s Dispatch (‘Practice What We Preach By Keeping Community Together’), I would like to ‘have my say’ on the Hucknall couple who face having to move from their council property.

I cannot comprehend what Maggie and Dave must be going through, not only are they facing day-to-day challenges with her illness of multiple sclerosis, they are facing losing their home, purely on the grounds of red tape.

The support Maggie has from her neighbours is applaudable, and it is heartwarming to know these people are there for her, if and when they are needed, and this is being taken away.

She has the support network from neighbours and friends, but most importantly this is their home. Why cannot there be a concession for this case from Ashfield homes?

Have a heart!



(Names and addresses supplied).