Horse-riders should not be on pathway

I FEEL that conscientious dog-walkers are being unduly criticised for dog-fouling after an incident I experienced last week with three horse-riders walking down a pathway in Hucknall.

The pathway, which is between three and four feet wide, runs along Stainsborough Road, at the back of my house, leading to the fields and motorway footbridge.

One rider said their horse was fine with dogs. The second said it was not so good with dogs.

My dog was off its lead, with three horses at maybe 14 hands high, coming towards me on a narrow pathway. The fact that I had to stand in a ditch is pathetic.

My daughter used to do a lot of riding but I would not permit her to use that route. I know a lot of people who use that pathway, including elderly people. Would they have been encouraged to stand in a ditch while these riders came by? I also have to clean up their horse-mess, as I have to with my dog.

I don’t think the riders seemed to like it when I asked them, probably not in a nice way, what they were doing down there.

Last Sunday, my husband and I went to the Forestry Commission at Blidworth where they do have hacking routes for horses. Maybe these riders need to invest in a horse-box.



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