Housing plans for borders of Hucknall are morally wrong

THE Top Wighay Farm issue should have been resolved by councillors a long time ago

The recent spate of letters to the Dispatch regarding the proposed building of houses on the Top Wighay site and an area north of Papplewick Lane in Hucknall demonstrates the feeling of injustice by the residents of Hucknall and Linby.

The effect of such a development on both have has been obvious for many years. My first letter on this subject was published in January 2005.

The current activity has presumably been brought about because Gedling Borough Council has reached the stage in its planning whereby it was required to ask for objections. Such objections are being co-ordinated by local officials and the residents themselves. However, the need for this action could have been avoided if Ashfield District Council had taken appropriate action in the intervening years.

Ashfield Council, along with the other councils controlling the Nottinghamshire area, are party to an agreement called the Greater Nottingham Aligned Core Strategy which, among other things, relates to the placement of new housing.

The strategy requires that two thirds of dwellings should be within the Nottingham Principal Urban Area, with much of the remainder directed to specifically-named settlements.

The problem is that Gedling Council has named two of its settlements to adjoin the Nottingham Principal Urban Area of Hucknall, which is subject to its own share of houses from the Ashfield Council allocation. This is clearly wrong morally and, hopefully, legally.

I would ask, is there nothing in the aligned core strategy to account for this situation? If not, there should be.

In addition, might there be something in the National Planning Policy Framework that covers this situation? Failing that, would it not be appropriate for our MP to ask a question in Parliament regarding one council encroaching on another council’s housing area?

All of these questions are for the people that are familiar with such matters at Ashfield Council and should have been addressed a long time ago.



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