Housing plans on this scale would strangle Hucknall

IN LAST week’s Dispatch, Coun Mick Murphy (Con) urged the residents of Hucknall to ‘fight with all their might’ (‘Summit To Thrash Out Plans For Thousands Of Homes’).

This is against Gedling Borough Council’s proposal to site up to 4,500 dwellings on its borders with Ashfield (at Top Wighay Farm on the Hucknall/Linby border).

Development of that magnitude would strangle Hucknall altogether. Schools, doctors’ surgeries and the transport corridor would be made useless.

We could have queues of traffic starting at Annesley all trying to access Nottingham. Chaos, total chaos.

As was pointed out, we have Broxtowe on the other boundary. To develop the plots would kill off the Green Belt altogether.

The spectre of development on this scale beggars belief. If the Local Plans contain this scenario in print, then our MP should ask the Minister of Local Government to call them in.

The Secretary of State has the power to stop any such applications without anyone taking to the streets.

There will be many planning considerations. The government should look at the consequences.


Storth Avenue,