How Hucknall will suffer if new houses are built

EVERY day on my way home from work, I pass through Gedling and along Mapperley Top. There is an old pit site with nothing built on it, along Mapperley Top, towards the Travellers Rest pub. There are fields with nothing in them but weeds and rubble.

The question is: why does Gedling Borough Council want to build next to Linby and Hucknall?

The answer is: why build houses in your own backyard and upset the voters when you can build in someone else’s where Ashfield voters don’t count.

What many people don’t realise, with 4,500 houses, is that there will be a minimum of 9,000 adults and a possibility of 9,000 children.

Children go to school at the same time every day. Let’s say one parent gets up with them. This means that there will be 13,500 bodily movements going down the drains at the same time, along with 27,000 gallons of wastewater. Where will all this effluent go? Not to Gedling, but straight through Hucknall.

Then the adults will want to go to work. This will only mean about 4,500 extra cars going down the bypass every morning — because half the population will be out of work.

Remember, these houses will be paying council tax to Gedling Council, not Ashfield. Gedling will provide little or no amenities whatsoever. It will be Ashfield who will be providing schools etc. We will be paying for it, and we all know how Ashfield Council works.

When some of these 9,000 adults want a social night out, where do you think they will go? Not to Gedling. They will end up in Hucknall. We will need more police.

At least Tesco will be rubbing their hands. Ashfield Council is going to build an inner bypass straight to Tesco. Bypassing Hucknall.

What makes me smile is the fact that we voted the councillors into office.

When you are all out there first thing in the morning, trying to get to work, have a think about me. I will be still in my bed. I will be retired or dead before all these houses are built.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


Woodstock Street,