How many men does it take to change a lamp-post?....

HERE is a genuine question for our competent and efficient council. How many men does it take to change a light bulb? Or rather, how many hundreds of pounds can the council waste by installing a lamp-post outside my Hucknall home?

After a long year of mindless vandalism around the corner from where I live, imagine how delighted I was to come home from work one afternoon to discover that the council was replacing all the old and somewhat dim (lamp-posts, not council officials) street-lighting.

I was even more delighted when workmen began digging a hole in the concrete right outside my house so that they could put a new lamp-post there.

There was limited, or rather no, disruption caused over the few days it took to install and erect the lamp-post and it stood proudly for a few weeks waiting almost as eagerly as me to be switched on.

For some reason, my neighbour also had a new lamp-post put up outside his house — after ours had been put up.

Anyway, like I said, both myself and ‘our’ lamp-post waited longingly for the light. But this never came. My neighbour’s was switched on, as were all the others around the corner, while ‘ours’ was left standing out in the cold with nothing to do until eventually, yes you guessed it, the council sent the workmen back and they dug up the lamp-post, refilled the concrete hole and never returned!

My frustration is in no way aimed at any of the polite and efficient workmen but aimed solely at the bungling powers-that-be at the council.

I really would like to know how much money you wasted on this one lamp-post farce. How many jobs will this blip affect? Where will you recover the wasted money from a pot that barely has anything to spare in it?

So well done, our local council, and don’t worry about the rest of us. We will pull together and expect to cover your costs (as usual) in next year’s council tax.


Hucknall. (Address supplied).