How much free parking would payout fund?

THE RESPONSE by Hucknall’s Coun Jim Grundy to criticism of Ashfield District Council’s decision to award the ‘Living Wage’ to its low-paid staff was both ill-judged and ill-timed.

Ill-judged because his off-the-wall remarks about mega-rich tax cuts are totally irrelevant to the original argument.

Sure, we’d all like the super rich to pay a bit more tax but Coun Grundy’s comments came across as standard old Labour dogma.

Ill-timed as his letter appeared straight across the page in the Dispatch from an article entitled ‘Santa Council Slammed Over ‘Bonus’ To Low-Paid Staff’. Pure poetry!

The cost of these bonuses is said to amount to around £73,000. I wonder how much free parking in the Ashfield district that would pay for?

Any advance on six months? I think that would give a much better boost to our beleaguered local economy.


Co-operative Avenue,