Hucknall will cease to exist when inner bypass comes

WITH regard to the plans for an inner bypass in Hucknall, instead of building roads, why not try repairing some that already exist? That’s how money is saved.

Someone please tell me what sort of business will come to the new pedestrianised Hucknall town centre. The only people who will be aware it is there are the people of Hucknall.

If new businesses want to come to Hucknall, we have plenty of empty shops. But no-one will come now we have a Tesco superstore.

I cannot see what is wrong with the town centre as it is.

I am sure I am not the only resident who would want the £13 million earmarked for the inner bypass to be better spent.

When the new bypass comes, Hucknall will cease to exist.

No-one will even know we have a town centre.

The people in the council only have to look at what pedestrianisation did to Kirkby.


Papplewick Lane,