Hunt down and throw the book at graveyard vandals

I HAVE just read in the Dispatch about the the vandalism of graves at Newstead cemetary (‘Grave Of 12-Year-Old Girl Desecrated Again’, last week’s Dispatch).

As my grand-daughter, who also died of cystic fibrosis, is buried there I visited it on the October 28 and was horrified to see all the vandalism done to the graves.

There have been things stolen off her grave, including an expensive vase which I reported to a lady councillor but was brushed off and told nothing could be done.

I do feel sorry for the relatives of the desecrated graves and hope both the police and the parish council will get the person responsible.

But I suppose a slap on the wrist is all that will happen as this is what happened when a person was caught on camera stealing off the graves.




n OUR PHOTO shows the grave of 12-year-old Chloe Cotton, which has now been attacked twice by heartless vandals