I am confused by how town-centre masterplan will work

I HAVE not seen the proposals for the regeneration of Hucknall that were on put on show by Notts County Council on the High Street recently. But there are a few questions I would like the answers to.

How, if only buses are allowed on the pedestrianised areas, are the disabled going to be able to get to the bank and Post Office if they cannot park their cars on there and cannot walk the distance from the Market Place/Piggins Croft parking areas?

What about all the traffic that is going to be created on Annesley Road where there is a primary school? The pavements are very narrow.

The traffic that used to go from the Watnall Road area will have to go, I assume, down the bypass, either towards Bulwell or the other way to Kirkby. It would not be able to go into the town at all to get to the said school.

Is Annesley Road going to be widened to take all the traffic going down it? It is a nightmare now. Maybe the cars that are now parked there are to be made to move and the area turned into a no-parking zone?

As for people finding it difficult crossing the High Street now, I suggest they use the crossings available instead of trying to cross exactly where they want to.

I have seen able-bodied people crossing the road about three metres from the crossing because they were too lazy to walk just a stone’s throw to cross safely. I use them to teach my grandchildren what not to do.

I think Tesco should be made to pay for any so-called improvements that are made to Hucknall, seeing that it is getting a dedicated road to its store.

The county council can use the money it saves to put back into services for the disabled and vulnerable people that were taken away because of cuts.

I, for one, have never shopped at the Tesco store since it was refurbished and only a couple of times before that. I now and again shop with the company online, but not regularly.

I prefer to keep the small shops alive. This is where most of my money goes and it will continue to do so.

But if this pedestrianisation goes ahead and I cannot go down there with my car (as I cannot walk far), then the shops I frequent will not be in Hucknall, I am afraid.

As for Ashfield District Council, it should start to regenerate Hucknall like it has done with Sutton, starting with the market, which used to be a thriving place to shop.

But Ashfield took over Hucknall and now there are hardly any stalls. When I came to live in Hucknall in 1970, you could buy almost anything on the market and it was a wonderful place and very busy, now look at it!!!

I have come to the conclusion that councils, both county and district, and the government, do what they like and blow what anyone else thinks. What a shame Robert Spray is no longer with us.


(Name and address supplied).