I’m sure shops did all they could to stay open

SO, after knowing for weeks that a debate would be held at Ashfield District Council about free parking in Hucknall on Wednesday July 27 (Sorry I could not be there as I was on holiday), 21 of the 24 (three abstentions) councillors decided that they could not make a decision and needed to call for a more detailed discussion by the council’s Cabinet!

How many months will this take and how many more shops will close in the meantime and not come back? How long do they need to come to the only answer that makes sense? The problem is they will have to admit that they were wrong to increase the car-parking charges and spend loads of unnecessary money on new signs.

Are they big enough to admit they were wrong?

Councillor Chris Baron says local businesses have to do something to attract people to come and compete with Tesco. Well, what do you suggest they do?

After all, the council approved Tesco’s planning applications which, in my opinion, caused some of the problems we now have.

I am quite sure the shops that have closed did all they could to stay open and used any idea they could think of. But they are not in control of the parking charges, are they?

At least one councillor, Tom Hollis (Lib Dem) has sense, saying it was a “no-brainer”. More like him please!


Watnall Road,