I won’t let campaign for free parking die

I ATTENDED and addressed an Ashfield District Council meeting to argue for the recent petition to help save our High Street by introducing limited free parking.

By ‘limited’ I do not mean just in January, when a lot of people are recovering financially from the festive season.

I was more than disappointed by the response of the Hucknall councillors. We are, after all, trying to restore some prosperity to our High Street and offer Hucknall shoppers an alternative choice.

To begin with, I was told I had five minutes to put our case forward but was timed out at three-and-a-half minutes. I know this because I had rehearsed my address several times, and my daughter who accompanied me was timing it.

During my presentation, one of the gentlemen on the bench with the Chairman was rolling his eyes in the direction of his councillor colleagues in gestures of complete contempt for what I was trying to get across.

In the course of the following Council ‘debate’, the only vocal support for the petition came surprisingly from two councillors from Sutton to whom I expressed my gratitude before leaving.

Not one Hucknall councillor supported what we are trying to do here.

It was decided that the issue would be debated further by the council’s Cabinet. When this was announced, I attempted to ask whether I would be permitted to attend this debate but was refused to even ask the question.

You do not have to be clairvoyant to know exactly what the outcome will be.

If this is democracy in action, I despair. Our nine elected representatives have rejected the opinions of 5,000 of their electorate.

To all those people who supported the petition, I will say that I am not going to let this die, and please help me to continue the campaign. It has worked for Arnold, Carlton, Netherfield and Gedling, why can it not work for Hucknall?



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