I would rather spend my money with Hucknall’s traders than in other towns

FOLLOWING on from a previous letter which I wrote to the Dispatch about car-parking charges and the impact these have on local businesses, I wanted to buy a pair of shoes. As I can’t do this in Hucknall, I went to Arnold and had two hours of free parking.

This gave me plenty of time to get some shoes, buy some tops from the sale at Bon Marche and call in Halfords for some spray paint for my ageing car. I cannot buy any of these things in Hucknall.

I also bought some birthday cards, meat from one of the butchers, then, after taking my purchases the short distance to my car, did a grocery shop in ASDA.

I spent around £50 in the Arnold shops but would much sooner have done this in my local shops. Multiply my £50 by the number of people who are forced to shop elsewhere to purchase items which are no longer available in Hucknall, and it’s easy to see the negative impact of Ashfield District Council’s policy of increased parking charges in Hucknall.

All that is needed now is a road which will bypass the town centre and take people directly to Tesco. This would close down what few shops remain.



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