Increased parking charges already having big impact

Piggins Croft empty
Piggins Croft empty

I BELIEVE the increase in charges for Hucknall’s car parks is already having a negative impact on the number of people using them, and therefore on the number of people shopping on the High Street.

I took the two photographs featured here at a peak shopping time, only a few minutes apart, showing on the left, Piggins Croft off Yorke Street (almost empty) and, on the right, the Tesco car park (almost full) off Ashgate Road.

Tesco full

Tesco full

If Ashfield District Council believes it will double its car-parking revenue simply by doubling its charges, it is deluding itself.

The High Street cannot compete with the three hours of free parking at Tesco. Unless ADC restores a level playing field on this issue, the prosperity of Hucknall’s town centre will continue to decline.

Other nearby communities (Arnold, Gedling, Netherfield and Carlton) have introduced limited free parking with very positive results for their town-centre shops.

Why cannot Ashfield Council have the vision to do the same for Hucknall?

It is the simplest concept of business commonsense. If your product is not selling, the very last thing you do is to double its price.


Braunton Close, Hucknall.