Infrastructure is being pushed to the limit

I WAS sitting in a local hostelry with Carol and Paul when they started to talk about Ray Wilshaw’s Letter in last week’s Dispatch (‘How Hucknall Will Suffer If New Homes Are Built’).

He is quite right. Gedling Borough Council is not going to put problems in its own backyard by building a large, new housing estate in its own central area (it is always the easiest option to build on greenfield sites, rather than ‘brown’) when it can pass the buck. Is it part of a masterplan Tesco/inner bypass?

However we think Mr Wilshaw’s figures may be wrong. As the estates begin to grow and age, it will lead to large numbers of toilet-flushes. Add this to a rainy day, with a large area of surface water, and our sewers, many of them from the Victorian era, will have difficulty coping.

We have several large housing developments being built at the present, and our infrastructure is already being pushed to its limit. So how can we cope with more housing?

There is also, as Ray pointed out, the policing problem. Hucknall is in decline with the increase of anti-social behaviour and the lack of funds to combat it. What is the answer? Can the little people raise their voices?

Well, what do you think? Is it worth a try? Paul and Carol do. There is a meeting to be held at Under One Roof on Monday March 5 to discuss these problems. All should attend and let their voices be heard.


Washdyke Lane,