Inner bypass will take the heart out of Hucknall

WHAT a brilliant plan! Build the inner bypass and then all roads lead to Tesco, pave the High Street to allow more taxi parking.

Shops no longer needed with two-hour parking at Tesco allowing you to buy all you need and leave the town.

Turn all the shops into housing, destroying the town centre and bringing with it a large area for anti-social behaviour.

Or perhaps we could introduce free parking, change the High Street into a one-way system, widen the pavements to be used by people, not for taxi parking, and send the other flow of traffic down Derbyshire Lane.

That should set the false-teeth rattling.

Sorry, I forgot it`s all about big business, not the community. I know it’s too late and I am dreaming it was decided a long time ago to take the heart out of Hucknall.


Washdyke Lane,