Is it time for Hucknall’s own council again?

SO, Tesco in Hucknall has once again had its application for another expansion of its operation passed by Ashfield District Council’s planning committee.

If you have not read my previous letter (‘Who Is To Blame For Town-Centre Cash Fiasco?’ in the Dispatch of Friday June 1), or did not know, Tesco (pictured left) is collaborating with a company called Timpson.

This firm offers dry cleaning, shoe repairs, key cutting, engraving, watch repairs and many more services, according to Timpson web site.

Timpson is a large, successful company with 913 outlets and an operating income of a reported £10 million plus, so why does it not occupy one of the many empty shops in Hucknall town centre?

Well, it’s not rocket science, as they say. Tesco offers free parking, has a large customer footfall and it is a service that also benefits Tesco. So get ready for some more empty shops!

The reasons given by Ashfield District Council for approving the Tesco change is based on the Local Plan Review of 2002, which offers guidance for acceptable development and where it is permitted.

So is this the way we rejuvenate our town centre? I suggest a review done in 2002 does not have any relevance in this day and age.

Come on Ashfield councillors, have the bottle to stand up and say enough is enough and not hide behind some old review.

But then again, only six of the 17-strong planning committee represent Hucknall. Is it time we had our own council back?

The council’s deputy leader, Coun John Wilmott (Lab), of Hucknall, stressed the new parking charges are helping maintain front-line services.

Is this after the recuperation of the large costs that must have been incurred for all the new signage and meter changes in all the car parks?


Watnall Road,