Is picture of near-empty High Street a glimpse into future?

IN THE Dispatch each week, there is usually comment or debate about the proposed inner bypass and revamped town centre.

I could not help a wry smile when I saw the artist’s impression (pictured) in an edition of the Dispatch last month. The picture gave an insight into how the scheme might look when completed.

It depicted a High Street with very few shoppers on it — even less than there are now!

Does the artist envisage that when the inner bypass is complete that all the shoppers would follow the ‘dedicated road to Tesco’ — as readers have described it — and spend their cash at ‘that shop’ on Ashgate road?

To those who believe Tesco is partly responsible for the demise of the High Street, I ask you this. If Tesco were to burn down tomorrow and take 12 months to re-build and refurbish, would everyone switch their shopping habits to Hucknall High Street?

I doubt it. I think Mr Morrison and others in Bulwell might notice an upturn in takings.

The next thing I noticed is the disappearance of the bus stop near the Red Lion. If some shoppers do return to the High Street how long a hike have they got — laden with shopping bags — to find the nearest bus stop to take them back round the estates.

If the buses will now be travelling down the new inner bypass, it would be far more convenient to get on and off at the bus stops outside Tesco. Bulwell still has a vibrant town centre with very few empty shops — despite Tesco and Morrison’s being in close proximity.

Perhaps the FREE car parking has something to do with it.



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