Is the Rolls-Royce jobs scheme just a cynical ploy?

WITH regard to recent Dispatch front-page story, entitled ‘Just The Job’, and the plan to create 800 jobs at the Rolls-Royce site in Hucknall.

Is this a clinical ploy to release land for a housing development?

How much vacant industrial space is there in and around Hucknall? After a brief look on the Internet, I found more than 13 empty units, including one of 29,000 sq ft, off Watnall Road.

So do we need more factory units to remain empty so that large companies can offset their taxes, while yet another housing estate destroys more green and pleasant land?

This development will bring us closer to Bulwell, thus stripping Hucknall of its identity and independence.

How much disused/rundown land and how many buildings are there around Hucknall that could be returned to good use?

If all the boarded-up houses were given to housing associations, complete with loans to return the houses/flats to their former glory, how many homes would that create?

As for creating more jobs with new factories, companies often move into new factories for better rent and rate deals, leaving behind an old unit which becomes derelict, creating no new jobs in the process. There are examples around Hucknall of this happening in the past.

Or is all the above just silly old me thinking it`s all about big business, not the community? I would love to see more jobs created. We all know they are sorely needed. But nothing seems to change, does it?

Last week’s Dispatch also revealed that we live in an area with more children living below the poverty line than the national average and that, 71 years ago, women stood in the snow for hours trying to get food.

Not to worry. There cannot be much wrong with our country when the bankers still get millions while, at the same time, children do not get enough to eat.


Washdyke Lane, Hucknall.