It is obvious to most that drastic action is needed to save town centre

I TOTALLY agree with John Watson regarding the free parking and Hucknall becoming the shadow if its former self (Last week’s Have Your Say ‘Act Now Or Hucknall Will Become A Ghost Town’).

He is correct that other neighbouring towns offer free parking and the lack of boarded up outlets in these towns shows it works to offer free parking.

I try and read the Dispatch every week but I cannot remember if the question of Hucknall having free parking has ever been mentioned in the ‘your vote’ section or in the ‘online soapbox’ section.

If it has, could you please show the results again. If not, could this question be asked?

I’m sure the response would be high and one-sided because it’s obvious to me, John and countless other Hucknallites that unless something is done then Hucknall will definitely become a ghost town.



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