It is off the wall to put more cash in pockets of the rich

LIFE is full of new experiences and it was certainly a new one for me to be described as ‘off the wall’ in a recent letter in the Dispatch (‘How Much Free Parking Would Payout Fund?’).

Well, it’s up to others to decide but if it is ‘off the wall’ to suggest that it is wrong for the Tories and Lib Dems to give away £3 billion to a few while everyone else is told there is no alternative but to accept cuts to pay, to the NHS, to pensions, etc., then yes, I am off the wall.

It does sound crazy that 8,000 lucky individuals will receive an average annual Income Tax cut of £107,500. But that’s the simple truth, and it has to be paid for.

The day before Susan Deneam’s letter appeared, the government announced yet more huge cuts to councils’ budgets next year. So when the Tories decide to cut funding that supports the public services we all use, at the same time as giving away billions to a few private individuals, they don’t do that by accident. They had a choice about their priorities.

All of us can make our own mind up about what those priorities should be. Should we put more money into looking after people in older age or put more money into the pockets of millionaires?

The Tories and Lib Dems have chosen to give money away to the rich and to blame everyone but themselves for how that is paid for. That, to me, is not fair. Some might even describe it as ‘off the wall’.


Hucknall West member of

Ashfield District Council.