It’s time to leave the wretched European Union

AS Dispatch readers are no doubt aware, the European Union (EU) is racking up the pressure for a treaty change.

The backdrop to this is that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is caught in a cleft stick as he tries to placate the EU leaders, Nick Clegg and his own party, about whether or not to have a referendum.

Meanwhile UKIP is getting stronger and stronger and is poised to become the third force in British politics. We are the only people making an honest attempt to give the people of this country a referendum on Europe.

We want to remind our fellow countrymen that we are here, we are in the right and we are prepared to work to give them the opportunity to demand a say on their own futures.

We will make our voice heard and do what we can to divorce ourselves from the EU and leave this wretched institution. There is a real thirst for change and we would like Dispatch readers to know we are ready, willing and able to give the people of this country a voice.

It’s time for change. We must get this undemocratic EU out of our system where 740 Euro-MPs, lacking the wit to run their own countries, endorse the madness of unelected commissioners.

We must shed the annual burden of 3,000 regulations and directives, comprising 75% of our laws. And we must stop sending more than £50 million to the EU every day and learn to govern ourselves again, without delay.  


UKIP Euro-MP for the East Midlands,

which includes Hucknall and Bulwell.