Keep supporting Under One Roof

ON behalf of the Under One Roof centre on Vine Terrace, Hucknall, I would like to thank everyone who has responded to the article in the Dispatch two weeks ago (‘Under One Roof And Under Threat’).

I would also like to inform people that we are NOT closing but we do need continued support to keep going because we are a charity.

We receive financial assistance from both Ashfield District Council and Notts County Council. But, with the current state of cutbacks, all community groups are suffering, resulting in some having to move out from Under One Roof. This, therefore, reduces the use of the offices and, thus, reduces our revenue through rent.

We hope the community will continue to support us by renting office space, using the resources available, including the cafe, so that Under One Roof can keep going and provide support for the local community.


Under One Roof,

Vine Terrace, Hucknall.