Labour leopards will never change their spots

I WAS driving by the Ashfield District Council headquarters on Urban Road in Kirkby a few weeks ago and noticed some diggers at the entrance to the car park.

I did the same trip last week and noticed that they had resurfaced what was a perfectly good-looking surface.

It was also revealed in an article in last week’s Dispatch that this had cost £45,000.

Not only that but the ruling Labour administration at Ashfield Council had decided it needed to spend £800 on a flat-screen TV for them to use in the members’ lounge.

Would one of our local Labour councillors explain why, at times like these, when people are having to rein in their household spending, they should be first for a new car park and have time to watch their new flat-screen TV?

Can a leopard change its spots? Apparently not. It’s the same old wasteful Labour.

You can never trust Labour to spend your hard-earned money.



Hucknall Conservatives,

Burberry Avenue, Hucknall.