Labour’s nine Hucknall councillors want to know the views of voters

OH dear! In attacking the Hucknall Labour Party for consulting the public, poor ‘Your Opinions’ correspondent M.A.McCormick appears to have got himself into rather a dither!

His first Letter on this subject attacked the Labour Party for using public consultation as a cover for plans we have secretly already agreed to. And his second attacked us for using public consultation as a cover for our not knowing what we wanted to do! Really, Mr McCormick, you cannot have it both ways.

As the campaign co-ordinator for the Hucknall party at the election last May, perhaps I can put his mind at rest.

Planning the campaign, I was proud to sit with nine Labour candidates — all now district councillors — as they determined to offer to the people of Hucknall a different approach for the coming four years.

Unlike the example shown by the Tory-controlled Notts County Council, which seems utterly to disregard the views of the electorate in Hucknall, the Labour candidates wanted to be councillors that genuinely reflected those views. The result was the Hucknall Manifesto that promised to consult on major issues facing our town — and that promise is being kept.

The consultation on the inner bypass, on the plans by Gedling Borough Council to impose 4,500 houses on Hucknall and other local issues are a genuine attempt by local councillors to discover, acknowledge and respond to the electorate. The process of consultation may not yet be perfect, but perhaps Mr McCormick could put aside his confused cynicism and suggest improvements to it, rather than simply dismissing our approach as either conspiracy or cowardice.

In seeking the views of the electorate, local politicians do not always get the answers they desire or expect and sometimes they receive views concerning issues over which they have little or no control. However, in May, the people of Hucknall put their trust in Labour candidates to keep their promise on consultation and it is a promise that, though Mr McCormick finds it hard to accept, the Labour Party intends to continue to keep.


Campaign Co-ordinator,

Hucknall Labour Party.