Lack of bunting in town centre typical of times

IT WAS with great delight that on Saturday June 2, I returned home after a busy week at work and started putting up the bunting and Union flags for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

I had travelled through many towns that week, all of which had flags and bunting across the streets and signs up warning drivers of the impending road closures to allow street parties to take place.

Then I drove through Hucknall. Apart from the odd shop that had done something themselves, there was nothing! Not a single piece of bunting or flag flying from a lamp-post.

Hucknall is supposed to be this fantastic town with houses being built to accommodate the people who want to live on the edge of the city and use the tram system to travel into Nottingham, yet I didn’t witness any community spirit on the High Street.

Some shops were very happy to sell bunting and pubs were even keener to encourage drinkers in to celebrate this fantastic occasion. Yet no-one seems to be asking the council why they didn’t dresse our streets up. What has happened to the community spirit that used to flourish in the welfares and clubs?

If we as a community want to see the town and retail businesses improve, then we as a community need to ask some very important questions to the people who make the decisions.

What are they doing to promote Hucknall and a thriving community? What are they spending OUR money on? What do they intend to do for the people of Hucknall at the next event?

I fully appreciate that we are in times of austerity but it’s not a question of ‘Can we afford to do it?’, more a case of ‘Can we afford NOT to do it?’

Any potential house-buyers driving through Hucknall during the four-day weekend of celebrations must have thought they had driven into another country.

Yet two miles out of Hucknall, at the Horse and Groom, Moorgreen, a traditional garden party was taking place. A real feeling of a community.

One thing for sure by 2023 is that we will either have a 70th Jubilee or we will have had a Coronation. Let’s make sure we don’t miss out again.


Nottingham Road,