Leave the ‘plebs’ alone and chase those who owe tax

THE LIB Dems have finally got the economy back on its feet.

As I write, there is a consignment of refrigerators on its way to the Eskimo community and not only that, the apology by Nick Clegg over tuition fees, which has now been set to music and has become a YouTube hit, is scheduled to break all records since ‘Bleak Christmas’.

But the Tories will not be outdone, they will be releasing a six-disc compilation, probably called ‘We’re Not Sorry’.

But seriously, the Lib Dems are so out of touch on issues relating to the economy, particularly on who should pay and who should not.

They were making ridiculous comparisons as to who should pay more and who should pay less by suggesting that if Lord Sugar and Peter Stringfellow were getting housing benefits then they should forfeit that right to help the more needy.

Is that being in touch with the real world? Ask yourself.

In relation to the so-called ‘mansion tax’, it will be argued that a lot of these people in million-pound pads are property rich and money skint.

In my opinion, the Tories’ approach to the economy is not much different. If Labour were to win the next election, the financial black hole will be bigger than one can imagine.

So, quite simply, why don’t they chase the £17 trillion that is locked away to feed tax avoidance and leave us plebs alone.?We’re all in this together.


Kenbrook Road,