Let’s aim for 10,000 names on second parking petition

IT would appear that the campaign to restore some prosperity to Hucknall’s town centre is gaining momentum, with more residents motivated to write to the Dispatch on the subject. I thank them all.

Should anyone be interested in pursuing the issue, please contact the Dispatch and ask for my contact details. Two or more heads are better than one.

I have said from the outset that the issue of parking charges is only one symptom of the declining condition of the town, but it is one that could be solved very quickly and painlessly.

Our local councillors seem oblivious to this logic, and can only argue that we cannot afford the £300,000 per year that Ashfield District Council claims it would cost to provide limited free parking.

Petition number two will be launched this week, and I know that the shoppers, residents and shopkeepers of Hucknall will see the sense that our councillors cannot. The first petition is now invalid, so please take a few seconds to sign again.

This time, let us aim for 10,000 signatures. That is more than the total number of votes cast for all nine of our Hucknall councillors at the last election in 2011 (9,983).

Then they just might listen to us.



(Address supplied).