Let’s get our Thursday market back on the right track

I GO every week to the Thursday Bargain Market in Hucknall (formerly the flea market).

We meet there for a cuppa and a look around, but in recent weeks there has been a decline in people taking stalls and the recent bad weather doesn’t help.

But the price to take a stall is way too much. At first it was half full and then less stallholders came. To be honest, £12 is a lot to pay if no-one is going to come down to look and buy.

It is not going to help just to say that, for one night only, there is a reduced stall cost. You have to set it at car-boot sale prices to get people back. It is no good.

We are a market town and soon we will have no markets despite the relaunch of the Bargain version on Thursdays.

How come Bulwell’s markets are doing OK? We have sat there at the tea van on Hucknall Market Place and people have come on the tram expecting a busy market with plenty to look around.

They get there and there are just two or three stalls set up.

People didn’t like the new 2 pm start-time. What was the point? Everyone was at work and when they did come down, stallholders were packing up for 5 pm.

You need low pricing as it would be better to fill all the stalls than none at all.

Now the council has listened to what we want. Let’s get our Thursday market back.

Maybe our Friday market could be extended to stalls on Saturdays.



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