LETTER: EU shouldn’t receive a penny after March 2019

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Having read Noel Beresford’s rant in the Chad recently, I can only conclude he is a remainer.

More than 17 million of us voted to leave the dreadful EU despite most of the printed media, the BBC and the great and good telling us what a disaster it would be.

Remember Osborne’s punishment budget, three million will lose their jobs and house prices will collapse? Never happened.

It wasn’t the ‘leavers’ who were lying, the £350million weekly has been seen to be on the low side, no it was the ‘remainers’ who think we are incapable of governing ourselves.

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Similar letters to Mr Beresford’s are appearing in most local and regional newspapers.

There has been no negotiations to date, just a series of outrageous demands from Brussels. The sooner we walk away from the talks and prepare for World Trade Organisation conditions the better. The EU shouldn’t receive another penny after March 31 2019.

Ian Wragg

Woodlands Way,