LETTER: May has lost control of Brexit negotiations

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What a shambles. We are coming out of the EU in two years, why it’s taking two years God only knows.

Then Theresa May says she wants us to be tied up with the EU for another two years and the British taxpayers will be paying billions of pounds, for what? And immigration will carry on as before, that’s what they are telling us.

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To me it is obvious that the present leader has lost control of the situation. When you look at the cabinet ministers that were there under the last leader and are still there, they wanted to stay in the EU, including the present leader. As I see it, there should not be any MP in the cabinet that voted to remain in the EU as they have not got the best interest of the British public first, in my view. 
I feel Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox are the people who have got the best interest of the British public first. 
We signed Article 50 and that’s about it, we are ‘out’ but still ‘in’ because we have got weak leadership and the EU will makes us pay.
Where are the likes of people like Margaret Thatcher?

Alan Warner