LETTER: Moaner was wrong - Mansfield lights switch-on was wonderful!

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I have just been reading the letter from the “moaner” about the Christmas lights switch-on. I for one think it was wonderful.

If she was stood at the back then that was her fault. There was plenty of room to move about, I’m not saying right to the front but definitely near to the front.

I thought the whole day was great and brought the community together. There is always someone quick to moan.

Just remember not every town does this and it’s free. Not every single person got a voucher, I certainly didn’t and definitely wouldn’t make a song and dance about.

People expect everything doing for them, if you want something, go and get it!

Stay at home next year, that’s my advice.

Who needs that kind of negativity? I bet she constantly moaned about it to her kids as well, we all know the sort! Bah humbug!

A happy and contented Chad reader

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