LETTER: NIMBYs keep their country views while kids have nowhere to live

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The NIMBYs win yet again. The local area is desperate for new affordable housing, yet all we ever hear is the predictable rhetoric from the luddite minority only considering their own self interest to keep their beloved open country views.

Well, we’d all like to be in that position, unfortunately most of us manage quite well with back to back gardens and close neighbours. It’s called a community!

When will these people understand the overwhelming need for affordable new housing. Each and every time a planning application is made we hear the cry, roads too congested, schools overcrowded insufficient health centres and, and, and....

Maybe it’s appropriate to expend a little more time and energy fighting to overcome the reasons they use to staunch the very developments we need and fight for more infrastructure.

For how long are these people going to bury their heads in the sand.

The usual complaint is “Green Belt land” then we get what all the do gooders invoke “ brown field sites” and what happens? The neighbouring community complain it’s contaminated land. Where do people think kids are going to live! Or are they all going to live with the parents?


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WHAT DO YOU THINK? What’s more important: providing housing for the next generation or protecting the countryside?

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