LETTER: Thanks for left-wing point of view

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What a refreshing change to find Roy Bainton’s column in the paper recently.

Reading his defence of the BBC and in passing , commenting on the privatisation of the NHS, I was moved to write in praise of yourselves for publishing such a left-wing point of view.

It came as such a pleasant surprise to read an article challenging the dogmatic policies of this Tory Government, which I believe is hell bent on destroying the public sector and privatising everything before them.

It is only by alerting your readers to what is happening nationally and affecting things locally that we can hope to put an end to this selling of assets.

We have lost control of our railways, energy, water and education amongst others and as Roy Bainton says are in danger of losing the BBC and NHS.

Local Government is also under threat following more severe cuts, putting at risk social care, bus services and youth services.

Social housing, council housing and affordable housing are all suffering due to what I believe are the ill-thought out policies being pursued by Cameron and Osborne.

Your readers need to understand the danger of news broadcasts being evermore politically skewed by privatisation and the impact of negative reporting and so failing to see the consequences of this current Governments activities.

There are alternatives to all these narratives, Governments have choices to make, that much we know, but the choices as to whether to punish the poor and least well off, to drop bombs and replace Trident or to finance the NHS, the BBC and bring back other utilities back into public ownership is a question we ought to be asking of our politicians.

Thank you once again Roy Bainton.

Martin Rutter

By email