LETTER: Why are we sending money to Brazil?

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Brazil is the world’s ninth biggest economy and in the last three year it has spent billions hosting the Olympic Games and the football World Cup.

Not by any reasonable measure is it a poor country.

So it is highly questionable, to say the least, why it should get £80million from our bloated foreign aid budget. Especially as, like many countries where we hand out aid spending, it has an appalling record for corruption.

Our ministers carry on handing over tens of millions to economic powerhouses like India and China. They are also pumping nearly £2billion a year into countries with disgraceful human rights records. Meanwhile, our military capacity is dangerously cut-back, our social care system is collapsing and our overcrowded jails are erupting in violence. And to think this government seems to be the best choice right now.

Granville V. Stone