LETTER: Will MP listen to the voters?

Mark Spencer MP.
Mark Spencer MP.

Following MP Mark Spencer’s gleeful rant on the results of his questionnaire, he seemed ecstatic on the figure of 80% result of pollsters, who said they wanted OUT of the EU.

Obviously Mr Spencer decided to deduce his own conclusions from this result.

He seemed to believe Mr Cameron’s policies of renegotiation was correct and we can have a vote in 2017.

This will hopefully force the EU’s hand and we can all live happily ever after.


I challenged him on some facts, as to this not being the case and awaited a response. None came, as I very well expected.

Following the defection of Mr Carswell to UKIP, it seems my dubious doubts were correct.

1.Cameron has no intention of wanting to leave the EU

2.The Tories are conducting a campaign of smoke and mirrors in order to get re elected. Cameron knows his promises mean nothing. As if he fails, he won’t be around to face the music.

3. They are not to be trusted, as they have history of bending the voters ‘will to their own agenda.

He spoke of a crafty leaflet campaign to ensure we stayed in the common market, before the evil axis of the EU rose to full bloom.

I applaud Mr Carswell for his honesty and conscience.

So Mr Spencer, which is it? Are you willing to listen to your voters who want OUT of the EU. Or are you going to continue this charade of smiles and propaganda, that your party is sowing?

PS I have no love of Labour. They are even worse and the reason we are in this mess.

Mr S Moon


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