Lib Dems nearly ruined Ashfield

I HAVE to say that I found a Letter in the Dispatch (‘Labour’s Poor Record On Tax’) from the erstwhile leader of a Lib-Dem council quite amusing.

It brightened up the day when the filthy weather stopped you from working outside.

Of course, what Coun Jason Zadrozny (Lib Dem) failed to mention was that his former administration nearly brought Ashfield District Council to its knees. So I imagine Labour will disregard his criticisms.

This one to think about regarding elected mayors. Had Coun Zadrozny been the elected mayor of Ashfield at the time, he could not have been removed in the way that he was.

You may fool the people where you are, Coun Zadrozny. You certainly cut no ice with me.

I am a pensioner and I do not want you, or your kind, on my side.

We have seen the coalition government at work, which I noticed Coun Zadrozny never mentioned. You help your Tory friends push through tax rises for OAPs and then distance yourself at local level. You help your Tory friends ruin the NHS, then distance yourself at local level.

The Lib Dems are a callous, spineless bunch, who say they look out for our interests. Pull the other one.


Storth Avenue,