Liberal Democrats are dead in the water

THE Lib Dems have just held their spring conference. There did not seem to be much TV coverage. Just the odd interview in the main halls, where the same story was being bleated about the national interest.

But in the conference hall, there were political pots and pans flying everywhere, with outrage at being sold down the river by their leadership over the National Health Service and other issues.

The Tories are bothered not one iota because they know, like everyone else, that the Lib Dems are dead in the water.

The latest outrage from them is that in the Budget, the Chancellor has told us how they have saved the country from economic meltdown by borrowing more (which has only succeeded in raising the unemployment figures).

And it waffled on until he announced that he intends to break up the position of national bargaining within the public sector to help bring about equal pay for those in the private sector.

This is absolute rubbish. It is about divide and conquer to create even further the Thatcher model of ‘I’m all right Jack-ism’, which is responsible for bringing the country to its knees.

Nobody from the top down cares about whatever they do or the effect it can have on everyone else.

Cameron is a typical example of this by introducing and implementing changes in particular to national working agreements.

The Prime Minister has no authority, via mandate, to do it and it is because of this Conservative attitude, he gets away with it.

The statement, “We are all in this together”, is not worth the paper it was thoughtlessly written on.


Kenbrook Road,