Local Tories turned show into Party Politics In The Park

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IGNORANT. Embarrassed. Humiliated. Petulant. Childish. Five words that, in my opinion, best describe the actions of the local Tories responsible for the needless stupidity surrounding the recent Party In The Park event, starring Chesney Hawkes, at the Rolls-Royce Leisure Club in Hucknall.

After the police contacted Ashfield District Council, informing them that the organisers (such a misnomer) had failed to even enquire about the necessary licences, what was the reaction of those responsible? They tried to blame anyone but themselves for their own error. They even accused the authority of playing party politics by deliberately trying to stop the event, a Help For Heroes fundraiser, rather than simply seeking to remain within the law of the land.

The only people playing party politics were the Tories as they threatened to take their story to ‘The Sun’ newspaper unless they were given a ‘waiver’. But what would their story have amounted to? Would it have done anything other than confirm their own incompetence and proved, if further proof were needed, that the Tories operate in a world where everyone else has to abide by the rules but not them? Oh no, the rules are for the obedience of ‘the plebs’ but not them.

You have to hand it to them, though. For sheer arrogance, they have no rival. For who but the Tories could put on an event for our armed forces while, at the same time, sacking by e-mail men serving on the frontline in Afghanistan, cutting their pensions and those awarded to their dependents, limiting the compensation paid to wounded veterans and even reducing the pay of men on active service?

The truth caught up with the Tories at Party In The Park. Their instinctive response to what might have been a genuine mistake was not to work with those who could help them but first to abuse them and then to attempt what some would say amounted to blackmail.

Lastly, I can confirm that we will be investigating allegations of the harassment of council officials by members of the local Tory party. If we find further evidence of such inappropriate conduct, more will be heard of this.


On behalf of the

Hucknall Labour Group,

Ashfield District Council.