Loyalty of Town players should be recognised

I HAVE avidly followed our local football team, Hucknall Town, this year, through the Dispatch, the club’s website and the Internet forums.

While I am not one to shout or post loudly, and I am not an Internet troll, like the supporters who attend Town games, I still have an opinion.

We have seen unprecedented upheavals, with the tax bill at the start of the season and then manager Tommy Brookbanks going, ending up at Stamford and taking a considerable number of his staff and our team with him.

This was followed by the arrival of Steve Greaves and Des Lyttle, and the subsequent departure of Mr Greaves and his backing.

Now we have what is left, plus the replacements Des has managed to bring in to support his efforts. All in all, he has done this professionally and to the best of his abilities with what funds/facilities that he has available to him.

However, the biggest pat on the back must go, in my opinion, to the players who have stood by Hucknall Town this season. When the plaudits get handed out at the end of the season, this should be recognised. All have been loyal, the most notable being.....

Jimmy Lindley, who has made some good saves (but also the odd faux pas!); Aidan Brady, who has been hit and miss and not consistently dangerous enough; Kieran Walker, who was dodgy earlier in the season but has made steady improvement; Grant Ryan, who has shown good effort, although his attitude and lack of goals from open play are worrying; and captain Callum Lloyd, who has been consistent all season. He is an excellent worker in midfield and has chipped in with half-a-dozen goals.

Some of the above are under contract and, therefore, it would be difficult for them to leave. However they have remained with the club this season and battled on, despite what has been going on in the boardroom etc and internal changes in management. These lads have done their best for Hucknall Town.

Therefore, any subsequent player-of-the-season award should, in my opinion, come from this group. And that player should be the one man who again excelled at Sheffield last Saturday with a dogged and determined performance and has quietly progressed to be our club captain — Callum Lloyd.

His effort and tireless work for the team have been tremendous all season. He has grown in stature to be the first name I would have on the teamsheet week in, week out.

Playing in midfield, you don’t always get noticed like strikers and goalscorers. But I have noticed the input Callum has given to the team this season.

In a difficult season, this is something we should, as fans, at least appreciate and reward.


(opposite the dugouts),


(Name and address supplied).